Don’t know what to do with your electronics?

We have now a solution for you that help you recycle your electronics rather than sending them to landfills!

Our Services

    • Waste containers and Communication

We give you different choice of containers to suit your electronic waste

We offer a communication tool kit (posters, flyers…)

    • Collection service

We ensure a frequent collection service to fit your need.

    • E-Recycling Center: Drop off site accessible for all!

After it is collected, the E-waste is stored at the E-Recycling center where they are regrouped by type, weighted, recorded and then sent to recyclers.

    • Responsible Recycling

After each collection, we give you a report of all your contribution by type of equipment donated and what was recycled or reused.

Material balance report is provided for ink cartridges.

    • Educating and raising awareness

We organize events to raise awareness about eco-responsibility and the benefit of e-waste recycling particularly in schools

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