camilCamil Chaari is a 16-year social entrepreneur, who is the founder of the E-Recycling program in Rabat, Morocco. His program offers individuals, schools, companies and public institutions a recycling solution for electronic waste, such as computers, printers, mobile phones, ink cartridges, and batteries through the use of certified recyclers. His initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions, advocate for the recycling of electronic waste, and to educate youth regarding the importance of recycling and the negative impact that electronic waste has on the environment.

E-Recycling was founded in 2015 through a partnership with two local companies engaged in recycling and the refurbishment of electronic products.

Participating institutions currently include several schools in Rabat and Kénitra, businesses, embassies and 3 department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

E-recycling has been recognized by the Nicolas Hulot Organization and received the COP21 label from the French Ministry of Ecology.

The project has been published in the World Bank Youth Summit newsletter.

Camil has been featured in national and international media, recognized as a UNESCO green citizen and appointed as an Ambassador for the Consciousness Summit at this year’s COP22.